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It's been a long time since I had my last post in here.. blame it all on my final exam, my  mother who has an addictive affection for Farmtown resulting to the deprivation of my own internet time, Lady Gaga, Facebook games and of course, the most guilty of them all-->Taeyang...

I've discovered Taeyang when the Bigbang performed 'Last Farewell' in the Chuseouk Special few weeks ago. His John Travolta-inspired flip of the leg caught my attention the most. After that, I have been using the internet for my own Taeyang vanity and insanity sake!

The addiction and obsession was made worst when he teased the whole world with his 'Where U At' digital release that just made me very impatient for the moment of release! I was having my laboratory that time and every second, I kept clickin' on the refresh button just to check if alwaystaeyang.wordpress.com had updated a post about the talked about digital release! Just when our time was up in the laboratory then the release was out in the internet! It saddens me more when that night of the day, I wasn't able to download the song and video since final exam is up the day after that which made me stuck with my books and photocopied notes! ggRrR... On that exact day, there was no Taeyang's digital release for me!

But I just paved my way for the Taeyang addiction the morning after that since I exerted effort to download the video and song even just for 15 minutes! That was the most nerve-wracking minutes of my life since if I will not be able to download the song in less than 15 minutes, then I'm surely late for my first exam not mentioning the number of minutes I'm stuck in traffic.. And because of my patience and obsession, I downloaded the video and then surely passed my first exam for that day! whew!

WHERE U AT video feedback:

+my first impression was that it's like the male and korean version of Beyonce's  Single Ladies but don't get me wrong okay.. this impression was because it was a video with 2 dancers accompanying the artist just like with Beyonce's track Single Ladies.

+ it's refreshing that amidst all the drama and colorful antics of kpop bands and singers, here's Taeyang with such minimal fashion decors and simple MV venue yet the whole kick of the MV is grandiose. Well, I'm also not expecting Taeyang to be dying his hair white and eating a bleeding apple! *peace y'all GD fans*

+the cameo of Teddy was really impressive making the MV a should-watch though Teddy was just sitting and rapping on his motorbike in just less than 5 seconds.. his outfit is great though! loved it! This is the second time that Teddy was featured in Taeyang's music video! They got great music tandem I would say!

+The two dancers, Lyle and Shaun, are just great! They are really working harmoniously together with Taeyang. Such great group! Plus the fact that they're Filipinos! Mabuhay!

+and the 'Wedding Dress' teaser, it makes me drool for more videos to come! Hoping there will be no kissing scenes.. it will surely make all Taeyang fans jealous including me T.T

and now, it has then been confirmed that Taeyang will be performing 'Where U At' in SBS Inkigayo this Sunday according to GD's note at the last part of his performance of 'A Boy' with a Michael Jackson tribute yesterday at Inkigayo (really can't forget his curly hair! ROFL) I am just hoping that GD's curly hair is not a clue on what will be Taeyang's look on his first live performance of 'Where U At'! Really crossing my fingers! Please don't let that happen!

-->just for y'all to see G-Dragon's curls..haha! 

As of now, I'm still waiting for Sunday with maximum patience.. this excitement of seeing Taeyang's live performance is really enhancing some of my skills. I think my addiction of my role as Taeyang's fan is making me healthy and inspired! haha!

but I think these pictures are not making me healthy at all...it's giving me a heart attack! im drooling! haha!

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