UNEARTHLY fashion sense

this post is all about the unearthly fashion sense of Lady Gaga that makes heads turn and makes every jaw drop..

-->>this bubble-very-inspired dress was worn by the pop sensation on one of her concert shows and this was really cool when she's behind her of course, bubble-very-inspired piano..

-->how I love the ribbon hair and those circular black glasses..
She would really pass of becoming the new Betty La Gaga..She's so cute..

-->Im sure these fancy neon-colored fashion glasses are gonna be a big hit.. They are just so cool that I'm really dying to have one.. I also love Lady Gaga's orange lipstick on the left picture..so cute..fabulous

No one can deny the fact that Lady Gaga has a one-of-a-kind fashion taste..very "UNEARTHLY", that's the perfect word well in fact she's not even human, she's a goddess, the Goddess of Pop!

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