for my first post..undeniable 2ne1

this space is specially reserved for my first post..
right now..trying to check my blog layout if it will suit my interest and likes..


and everything came clear..welcome to my first post in my second-managed blog..seems everything's ok. kinda nostalgic to my first post on my other blog yet somehow new to me especially with my new researched template (we'll this template is not mine of course..wasn't trained yet to create this kind of fabulous template..but someday I will)

Moving on, I was planning to post my few selected self-pictures and show 'em all to you but that would take so much time and hardwork to choose from all my candid and stolen-yet-facing-the-camera-with-a-huge-smile shots so that would just probably be on my 2nd or 3rd post..I'll be working on that later when I do finish renovating my farm in Farmtown. lol. This keeps me busy all the time!

So, a while ago..just bumped into this cool video of 2ne1(girl group sensation in Korea)  in youtube and just came to me to share the video that really transformed me into a true-blooded 2ne1 fan. The video made me to be what I now proclaim myself because I just fully realized how cool they are not only in their moves in their performances but in their fashion sense as well(they truly are not senseless!) My favorite amongst the four would surely be CL-->the best female-->the leader of the group.. I envy her marilyn monroe earrings so much but it's not just because of the earrings of course..it's because she really truly is the best female in the kpop scene! She nails rapping-->her expertise and nails her fashion outfits and accessories too..Everytime I watch their videos, I just can't help notice their outfits..they're just so darn cool..

Expect me to be one of their million fans in the whole Asia..

and here's the video..

and CL's marilyn monroe-inspired earrings

and the cute fanpic I was staring for lots of countless minutes..

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