Fashion Sense+Weird Emotions+Voluptuous Words

DISCLAIMER: this post was created when the blogger was not YET with her right mental state. Probably depressed or stressed. Forgive her for the over-the-top emotions and voluptuous words that are in big bold letters and enclosed in parentheses.

This is my third collection from polyvore.com that I had created at 12 midnight just the day when our prefinals was over. Since I assume that I already use purple as my new favorite color (which is definitely a hard decision to make.. choosing purple over green, my ex-favorite color for 8 years), I decided to formally apply my decision with this fashion style. It's basically an outfit consisting of a front tube romper paired with a shiny silver gladiator booties and accessorized by a pair of pearl earrings, amethyst ring, silver plated ring and of course the shiny purple evening handbag. The presentation would not be complete without the dazzling Lady Gaga which now I assume to be my new Music Idol who just dumped David Cook on my number two spot (sorry David Cook.. but you're still my greatest celebrity crush though I want you to know that you might soon be replaced by Taylor Lautner since he is getting hotter everytime I stare at his shirtless body. But even if this happens, I still love you!)

(Too much goodbyes but I need to move on..)

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