gaga entries

my official entries for the 'Unleash Your Inner Gaga' contest in polyvore.com. I'm not expecting to win since I'm still a newbie but just unleashing my inner gaga side that's bugging me for a couple of days now!


Love in black

a plain fuzzy dress paired with a beaded shoes and accessorized with a couture bracelet, crystal necklace and black earrings and given the last touch of the embroidered clutch bag. All in black.

credits to polyvore.com

VG of LG

this is the perfect song for me and for Maggie. And we call ourselves the VG of LG...the Vanity Girls of Lady Gaga

-->all those in big bold letters explain it all!

-->let that purple bear on the right column shut up first then click the play button on this pink playlist to listen to the song!



 VanityLady Gaga
Music Playlist at MixPod.com                           
Midnight at the glamour show on a Sunday Night

    Everybody drink a lotta whiskey and wine

 We dance like no tomorrow

                                                                              We’re on Burlesque time
But everybody’s gotta work tomorrow at nine

Touch me t-touch me baby but don’t mess up my hair
Love me l-love me crazy

But don’t get too attached, this is a brink affair

Vanity (pictures in magazines, movie screens)

Vanity (there is a camera, so many beauty queens)

Vanity (it’s so good to be)

Popular and glamourous, we love ourselves and no one else
Va-va-va-va-vanity va-vanity, va-va-va-vanity

Nothin’ wrong with being just a little bit vain
We need a little pretty cuz this country’s insane

So go ahead and label me whatever you like
But nothings quite as sexy as a woman is fine

Touch me touch me baby but don’t mess up my hair
Love me love me crazy
But don’t get too attached, this is a brink affair

Vanity (pictures in magazines, movie screens)

Vanity (there is a camera, so many beauty queens)

Vanity (it’s so good to be)

Popular and glamourous, we love ourselves and no one else

Look at me (watcha lookin' at)

Look at me (watcha starin' at)

Look at me (watcha lookin' at)
Look at me (watcha starin'at)

I’m comin’ around, I’m sippin on Andre, it’s time

I heard the cutie's in the back, start in the p-party line

Let’s dance (quick round) we’re in the vanity house

We’ll cover the secrets, diamonds, we're happy cuz we're shinin

Touch me touch me baby but don’t mess up my hair

Love me love me crazy

But don’t get too attached, this is a brink affair

Vanity (pictures in magazines, movie screens)
Vanity (there is a camera, so many beauty queens)
Vanity (it’s so good to be)

Popular and glamourous, we love ourselves and no one else

Vanity (pictures in magazines, movie screens)
Vanity (there is a camera, so many beauty queens)

Vanity (it’s so good to be)

Popular and glamourous, we love ourselves and no one else
Va-va-va-va-vanity va-vanity, va-va-va-vanity


Fashion Sense+Weird Emotions+Voluptuous Words

DISCLAIMER: this post was created when the blogger was not YET with her right mental state. Probably depressed or stressed. Forgive her for the over-the-top emotions and voluptuous words that are in big bold letters and enclosed in parentheses.

This is my third collection from polyvore.com that I had created at 12 midnight just the day when our prefinals was over. Since I assume that I already use purple as my new favorite color (which is definitely a hard decision to make.. choosing purple over green, my ex-favorite color for 8 years), I decided to formally apply my decision with this fashion style. It's basically an outfit consisting of a front tube romper paired with a shiny silver gladiator booties and accessorized by a pair of pearl earrings, amethyst ring, silver plated ring and of course the shiny purple evening handbag. The presentation would not be complete without the dazzling Lady Gaga which now I assume to be my new Music Idol who just dumped David Cook on my number two spot (sorry David Cook.. but you're still my greatest celebrity crush though I want you to know that you might soon be replaced by Taylor Lautner since he is getting hotter everytime I stare at his shirtless body. But even if this happens, I still love you!)

(Too much goodbyes but I need to move on..)


Synchronizing Thread is Like a Public Restroom in a Gas Station

this one's cute...

Every thread has a life of its own. Normally, a thread goes about its business without any regard for what other threads in the application are doing. Threads may be time-sliced, which means they can run in arbitrary spurts and bursts as directed by the operating system. On a multiprocessor system, it is even possible for many different threads to be running simultaneously on different CPUs. This section is about coordinating the activities of two or more threads, so they can work together and not collide in their use of the same address space.

Java provides a few simple structures for synchronizing the activities of threads. They are all based on the concept of monitors, a widely used synchronization scheme developed by C.A.R. Hoare. You don't have to know the details about how monitors work to be able to use them, but it may help you to have a picture in mind.

A monitor is essentially a lock. The lock is attached to a resource that many threads may need to access, but that should be accessed by only one thread at a time. It's not unlike a public restroom at a gas station. If the resource is not being used, the thread can acquire the lock and access the resource. By the same token, if the restroom is unlocked, you can enter and lock the door. When the thread is done, it relinquishes the lock, just as you unlock the door and leave it open for the next person. However, if another thread already has the lock for the resource, all other threads have to wait until the current thread finishes and releases the lock, just as if the restroom is locked when you arrive, you have to wait until the current occupant is done and unlocks the door.

Fortunately, Java makes the process of synchronizing access to resources quite easy. The language handles setting up and acquiring locks; all you have to do is specify which resources require locks.

I would prefer to lock myself in the restroom and never go out until our Java exam tomorrow finishes!

credits: http://www.blogger.com/post-create.g?blogID=7751249511015822746

A thread is Like a Golf Course..

Conceptually, a thread is a flow of control within a program. A thread is similar to the more familiar notion of a process, except that multiple threads within the same application share much of the same state--in particular, they run in the same address space. It's not unlike a golf course, which can be used by many players at the same time. Sharing the same address space means that threads share instance variables, but not local variables, just like players share the golf course, but not personal things like clubs and balls.

Multiple threads in an application have the same problems as the players sharing a golf course: in a word, synchronization. Just as you can't have two sets of players blindly playing the same green at the same time, you can't have several threads trying to access the same variables without some kind of coordination. Someone is bound to get hurt. A thread can reserve the right to use an object until it's finished with its task, just as a golf party gets exclusive rights to the green until it's done. And a thread that is more important can raise its priority, asserting its right to play through.

but a thread is not like a golf course coz a thread isn't fun! makes you get eye bags and lets you sleep till midnight studying for the next day's exam! motiurok na jud ko!

credits: http://oreilly.com/catalog/expjava/excerpt/index.html#EXJ-CH-6-SECT-1


acoustic side of Lady Gaga

these are three Lady Gaga videos where this hit pop sensation rendered her cool acoustic versions of her pop songs, paparazzi,  Eh eh(there's nothing else I can say) and Poker Face..

She's just more incredible when she's behind her piano, keyboard, whatever..

see them for yourself!

-->you can see here Lady Gaga wearing the bubble-very inspired dress I mentioned on my other post.. of course let's not forget the bubble-very-inspired piano too!

-->those people around her were just so amazed and shocked! Of course, Lady Gaga puts her signature on every performance!

-->though her face was covered by her glamorous hat, she still looks fabulous..


UNEARTHLY fashion sense

this post is all about the unearthly fashion sense of Lady Gaga that makes heads turn and makes every jaw drop..

-->>this bubble-very-inspired dress was worn by the pop sensation on one of her concert shows and this was really cool when she's behind her of course, bubble-very-inspired piano..

-->how I love the ribbon hair and those circular black glasses..
She would really pass of becoming the new Betty La Gaga..She's so cute..

-->Im sure these fancy neon-colored fashion glasses are gonna be a big hit.. They are just so cool that I'm really dying to have one.. I also love Lady Gaga's orange lipstick on the left picture..so cute..fabulous

No one can deny the fact that Lady Gaga has a one-of-a-kind fashion taste..very "UNEARTHLY", that's the perfect word well in fact she's not even human, she's a goddess, the Goddess of Pop!


for my first post..undeniable 2ne1

this space is specially reserved for my first post..
right now..trying to check my blog layout if it will suit my interest and likes..


and everything came clear..welcome to my first post in my second-managed blog..seems everything's ok. kinda nostalgic to my first post on my other blog yet somehow new to me especially with my new researched template (we'll this template is not mine of course..wasn't trained yet to create this kind of fabulous template..but someday I will)

Moving on, I was planning to post my few selected self-pictures and show 'em all to you but that would take so much time and hardwork to choose from all my candid and stolen-yet-facing-the-camera-with-a-huge-smile shots so that would just probably be on my 2nd or 3rd post..I'll be working on that later when I do finish renovating my farm in Farmtown. lol. This keeps me busy all the time!

So, a while ago..just bumped into this cool video of 2ne1(girl group sensation in Korea)  in youtube and just came to me to share the video that really transformed me into a true-blooded 2ne1 fan. The video made me to be what I now proclaim myself because I just fully realized how cool they are not only in their moves in their performances but in their fashion sense as well(they truly are not senseless!) My favorite amongst the four would surely be CL-->the best female-->the leader of the group.. I envy her marilyn monroe earrings so much but it's not just because of the earrings of course..it's because she really truly is the best female in the kpop scene! She nails rapping-->her expertise and nails her fashion outfits and accessories too..Everytime I watch their videos, I just can't help notice their outfits..they're just so darn cool..

Expect me to be one of their million fans in the whole Asia..

and here's the video..

and CL's marilyn monroe-inspired earrings

and the cute fanpic I was staring for lots of countless minutes..